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What Leads to a Fall?


Disease-related Conditions

Enviromental Risk Factors

Potential Home Hazards
Narrow Steps
Slippery Surfaces
Insufficient Lighting

Surrounding Environment
Poor Building Design
Cracked Pavement
Lack of Lighting in Public Spaces

Behavioral Risk Factors

Medication Intake
Emotional State
Alcohol Consumption
Sedentary Behavior

Behavioral Risk Factors

Social Conditions
Low Education
Lack of Social Interaction
Lack of Lighting in Public Spaces

Economic Status
Inadequate Housing

What are the Consequences of falls?

For Patients

Loss of Independence

Lower quality of life

Increased anxiety and depression

Decreased Activity and mobility

Reduced social contact

High medication use

Increased dependence on medical social services and informal carers

Long-term physical disability, severe dependency or fatal injuries

For Health Systems

Substantial costs of treatment and rehabilitation

High number of older adults placed in a care home after a fall

For the Economy

Loss of productivity (e.g. lost income) of individuals or family care givers taking care of fall-injured person

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