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How to Prevent Falls


(New York Times) Winter is the time of year for snow, holidays, family…and for safety-conscious organizations to issue wake-up calls to the general populace regarding fall risk awareness. Regardless of how sure you are that you know all there is to know about falling, you’d be wise to continue reading. While essential at any age, these suggestions are even more pertinent for the elderly.

In much of the country, fall injuries rise during the winter months when walkways become slippery and trip hazards are obscured by snow, ice or, in some areas, by leaves. Senior citizens—being less agile and more fragile—are especially at risk. A map of fatal falls in the United States, published last April in the AARP Bulletin, provides graphic testimony: Wisconsin and Minnesota (two of our coldest states) led the nation in deaths from falls for residents 65 and older.

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