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Prevent Falls in Your Home


(Medical Alert Advice) We all know that aging successfully depends a great deal on good and healthy lifetime habits. It’s true that your genetics are an important factor in remaining active as you age, but even more important is a favorable environment for your physical and emotional needs. This means that where your home environment plays a major role in your ability to continue to live independently.

The goal is for your house to provide a safe place for you to age and minimize the possibility of accidents or falls. Falling is a very real threat to your independent living, and even seniors who appear to be healthy and strong can trip on a slippery rug or a step that needs to be repaired. Indeed, falls are the top cause of accidents and the primary cause for serious injuries and accidental deaths in people over 65. The problem for many is that you are living in the same house where you raised your children. You may have learned to adjust to your age and take precautions, but your house hasn’t kept up with you.

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