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Harold Is Walking "Good" Now

My primary care physician referred me to this Podiatrist because when I walked I would grab onto things. I was wearing out the left side of my shoe sole, making walking unsteady. My doctor told me I needed to get some real good orthotics and not the cheap stuff you can buy at Meijer.

I didn’t have a fear of falling, if I had things to grab onto. I was hanging onto furniture when walking to maintain my balance. My wife said I was wobbly. I sway when standing up or just standing all the time – before I started wearing my balance braces. Now I only sway when my t-shirt gets stuck and I can’t get it off.

I never used to be concerned about my balance, then I started falling. I have always told my wife and doctor when I have fallen.

Activities around the house were difficult, like cooking, cleaning and just walking room to room. They were very difficult before wearing my balance braces but now I would say it is 60-70 percent better.

My wife and I used to go out to the restaurants a lot together. Then we stopped going as frequently because of my fear of falling. Now I can walk in the parking lot with no problems.

After my visit to the Podiatrist, I got a fall risk assessment. I was fitted for balance braces. I am wearing my balance braces with the same shoes I was wearing but now I am not breaking down the one side. I now feel steady on your feet with the brace.

I know when I first got them I was told to not drive on the roads. I let my wife drive me and that scared the heck out of me. I started to drive around our neighborhood. I now can feel the gas pedal and break better. I have told a couple of my friends to come and see Dr. DeWitt. They have fallen in their driveway and I keep telling them to GO SEE DR. DEWITT!

My family noticed the difference right away. My friends and my church family say, “hey you are walking good now”. I used to use the hallway wall in church to walk but now I don’t.

Now that I feel steadier, I go out of the house more! I can go to Home Depot now and walk through the parking lot without fearing I might fall.

This process has been a lifesaver. I recommend the balance brace to people when I hear them say they are falling or having a hard time walking. People don’t want to take the time to get into see a Podiatrist or wear a brace, but I’ve showed them it is worth it

Harold D. Wyoming, MI


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